September 8, 2023

Looking For A Heart Of Gold (Rudolf Mestdagh) won the Best Original Soundtrack award

at Albori Film Festival 2023

Happy for having contributed to the film score!



April 25 2023 - AntennA - Evergem

January 12 2023 - private - Opwijk

August 27 2022 - PATCHWORK - Gent

August 6 2022 - Zijspoor by Antenna - Landegem
June 6 2022 - SOUNDNEST at Wisper - Gent
May 1 2022 - Radio Urgent / Icarus - Gent

INSIDE REFLECTIONS - January 31 2023

Eighteen months after the vinyl release of “Insides” on the BelgianNeumusik label, the outside world continues to develop like a slow bad film.
Many people are looking for a way to deal with this. For me it was the impetus to dive even deeper and further refine the pieces from Insides into even more intimate versions. Once again Luc van Lieshout (Tuxedomoon) provided the right dose of flugelhorn.

INSIDE REFLECTIONS has been released on bandcamp:

INSIDE REFLECTIONS is a kind of night radio for people who travel in their minds while sitting down on a chair, nurturing the illusion that the non-stop 24/7 world stands still for a moment.

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