The Silent Revolution

Silent Noise Revolution

fragile piano on a bed of abstract noise

The Silent Revolution


Things I like to share about Silent Noise Revolution, and works of other people that I find inspiring and relevant to Silent Noise Revolution.

Peter Vogel


Peter Vogel designed and created his own electronic circuits, without using circuit boards. He used straight wires to interconnect the legs and pins of electronic components, which resulted into esthetic 3D structures, expressing the minimalistic sound they made.


Here you find a link to a documentary about Peter Vogel and his sound creations. Peter Vogel died in May 2017.

Silent Noise Revolution - Nov 2017


From The Sky - The making of


I was playing this old 78rpm record (Brahms op. 73 Symphony in D major)

at 33rpm, while reading a book about the universe.


At the end of the B-side, I heard the noise of the needle ticking in the end groove, and I was touched by the beauty of this simple rhythm.


I recorded it and used it as the background for "From The Sky". (released July 2016)

Clicking the image plays the song on Spotify.

Nils Frahn & Olafar Arnalds


The 45 min movie about Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm's improvised audio recordings 'Trance Frendz'.


During this session at Durton Studio in Berlin last summer, Nils and Ólafur invited Alexander Schneider and his camera to document it. The recording continued long after the first take, stretching out into the next day until, eventually, several new improvisations had been recorded in 8 hours with no overdubs or edits.


Watch it here.

Silent Noise Revolution - Nov 2017


A Winter Night - the making of


The artwork of EP "A Winter Night" (released January 14, 2018) is about 20x30 cm. It's a combination of acryl paint, cut paper, ...


Of course this is not the final result, it is still in progress.


It is about being alone during a dark winter night. The views through the 3 windows show different moments in time. I still need to integrate a rocking chair and a bed into the scene.