Silent Noise Revolution

fragile piano on a bed of abstract noise

Fragile piano

on a bed of abstract noise


Join the quiet revolution.

Silent Noise Revolution is

a project of belgian composer

Jan De Block

Jan has a passion for classical piano music as well as modular synthesizers and software plug-ins. For years, he considered both worlds as completely different, until he combined fragile piano with abstract electronics of a modular synthesizer.



Since he was selected as finalist for the speeddating between composers and directors at the Brussels Film Festival 2015, he decided to make his artistic dream "Silent Noise Revolution" a real project. In 2018, he became voting member of the World Soundtrack Awards.


About Silent Noise Revolution


Silent Noise Revolution

The first SNR track was released in January 2016, followed by a period of monthly releases. The foundation of each track is the composition of a layer of abstract noise or patterns. This background is the soil where the conception of piano compositions takes place, usually during long sessions until it feels right. After reflection, it often happens that obvious melody lines are deleted, because they weaken the power of suggestion and imagination.


There is a parallel with the movies that Jan likes: suggestive rather than explicit. Open ends makes the story go on in our imagination.

The strongest dialogues are the unspoken words.


In march 2016, "A New Day", the 3rd release of Silent Noise Revolution, was selected by Nils Frahm to feature in his "piano day 2016" playlist. Also in 2017 and 2018, Silent Noise Revolution appears on Nils Frahm's "piano day" playlist.


Other projects:

About 10 years ago, Jan met Odette Di Maio from Milano, Italy. That triggered him to move his focus from commercial music to songwriting. Odette became his writing partner, and together they founded "Miss O". Their debut album Infection (2012) was received very well by the italian music press. Miss O released EP Visions (2014), and a double single The Girl (2015).

In May 2018, Odette Di Maio released EP Infinity Pool, co-written and produced by Jan.


Miss O was finalist at OZU film festival 2012 with an original Miss O score for the first Alice in Wonderland movie. Their song "Nightride" features in the soundtrack of award winning movie "46,XX".


Jan is co-writer/producer of "KYOKO", the first solo album of Kyoko Baertsoen (Hooverphonic, Conjure One, Buscemi, Allez Allez), released on March 8, 2017 and distributed by LC distribution. 2 songs of Kyoko and Jan feature in award winning movie "46,XX" under project name "Double Vie".